Monday, October 5, 2009


Today we took a field trip to Timeless Travel Trailers in Wheat Ridge, CO.  They are a one-of-a-kind trailer refurbishing and customizing company specializing in vintage units.  The owner, Brett Hall gave us a great tour of the facility and showed us what they can do.  I didn't want to leave the warehouse.  He had all kinds of old and new trailers (almost all Airstreams) in every state of build-out you can imagine.  I felt like a little kid surrounded by toy cars.  Only these toys cost up to $250,000.  We were there to find out what it would take to convert a 23 foot Airstream into a mobile kitchen.  Turns out Brett and his crew are experts at this and all it takes is a trailer and a little (OK, a lot) of cash.  He has built Airstreams into everything from tiny coffee shops to massive movie-set catering trailers.  It looks like there may be something with my name on it coming out of this warehouse one of these days....

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