Monday, April 19, 2010

where indeed...

Hello people of the internet.
Sorry if you've been following a blog that hasn't seen much action in the past few weeks.  I've been a very busy guy and have forgotten to keep up with this whole blog thing.  I've got 10 minutes before I get on a 22 hour flight to Hong Kong - so I'm going to be brief.
A lot has happened since my last entry.  The most significant news is that my dad is starting to feel a little better with the treatment he's been getting.  It's been a very tough year for him, but now there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.
OK.  Now to business.  Since my last post:
I did a few more local charity dinners.
I did a few test menus for StreatChefs (coming in June!).
I judged a cocktail competition for 42Below Vodka.  The winner ended up going to win nationals and then the WORLD CUP!!!!  Congrats to Happy's very own Mark Stoddard!
I cooked a Cajun food demo for Sterling Rice Group's "Culinary Summit"
I toured Seattle and Portland and had some amazing street food, sandwiches (BUNK!), and altogether amazing food.
I went to Des Moines, Iowa and participated in a "Pork Summit" for the National Pork Board.
I cooked a Tequila dinner at Zolo with some of Boulder's finest chefs.
I helped plan the School Lunch Project with fellow chefs and food magnates.
I participated in the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival.  Cooked a luncheon with Carla, Jamie and Fabio from Top Chef.  I also cooked 2000 portions of buffalo for the grand tasting.
I participated in the Scottsdale Food and Wine Festival and did a few cooking demos.
And now I'm headed to Asia.  I'll be gone for two weeks but plan on posting many wonderful recipes, photos and stories about everything you have just read about.
Thanks for still checking this page out and I will be back with more....

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  1. Happy to see a post from you- it sounds like you are really busy! We're heading out from Frederick (Volt patrons since day 1 here!) to Colorado for a week of hiking in June- we came to Jax last summer but just missed you. (the food was FANTASTIC- best gumbo ever)
    Hope to get to meet you this time! Enjoy Asia!