Friday, January 22, 2010


San Blas is a small fishing town located on the Nayarit Coast of Mexico.  It's about a three hour drive north of Puerto Vallarta.  My father has been coming here on and off for the last 15 years to chill, play some music with his friends, and watch the sun disappear into the Pacific.  He drives down every January or February and lives in the camper with Robin, my stepmother.  Last year (2009) he had to cut the trip early because of some pain and a few new lumps in his neck.  The cancer was spreading and it looked like the last time he would be able to enjoy this wonderful place.  

Thanks to the generosity of some of his good friends, Robin's patience, and his own will, he made it down again this year.  I caught a flight from Denver and met up with him and the crew (dad, Robin, my brother Abe, and about 10 friends).  

It is bittersweet as he cannot walk on his own anymore.  The sea kayaking is a thing of the past.  Just walking down the sand and getting into the water is now a memory for him.  But the oxygen rich air and the sunsets are still here here for him.  His friends all show up, play music and tell stories.  We take a few sightseeing trips:  crocodiles, birds, turtles, boat rides, markets, music...  We all eat local shrimp, down a few pacifico beers, and share stories.  I'm thankful that there are so many people who care enough to show up and share this time.  It's a simple place with a universal beauty.  It's a testament to us all that life is short. Live your life and love those around you.

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  1. this blog brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful for you to join your dad and friends for this trip that obviously meant so much to a lot of people. Thanks for writing it.