Tuesday, January 5, 2010

San Fran - Day 5

I start the day off with a walk.  After all the wine and food yesterday, I'm in need of a little exercise.  I meander up the hill towards Japantown.  I call my great friend Jennifer and we make a lunch date.  I have an hour to kill, so I crisscross my way through Japantown and Pac Heights.

Our destination is Pizzeria Delfina.  The restaurant is small but crowded (a common theme in this city).  Once our table is set, we sit down to a fabulous lunch.  The insalata tricolore is perfection - tender fresh leaves of arugula and red endive with abundant curls of grana in a simple lemon vinaigrette.  Next is a bubbling cauldron of piping hot meatballs.  They are soooooo yummy - just cooked through and bathed in a spicy tomato sauce.  Finally the pizza arrives.  Prosciutto pie is the call.  Again, just perfect.  Lovely.
I talk Jen into being a tourist with me and we take a trolly ride all the way down California.  It's something I've never done the trolley ride in the city before.  It's actually really fun.  You scrape your way up and down the steep hills in the open air.  It's a great way to sightsee.

Once we hit the end of the road, we decide to step into One Market for some cocktails.  Our delightful bartender talks us through the offerings and is one of the nicest people I've met.  As Jen heads to work, the manager asks me if I'd like a tour of the kitchen.  This place has one Michelin star and it's very well deserved.  I had no idea how big their kitchen was.  They have a butcher room, a full bakery, and enough room and staff to do some huge numbers.  He informed me that they've done over 500 at once - on top of their normal dinner business.  That's very impressive considering the place doesn't look too big.
After the tour, I walk around a bit more, head back to the hotel, and nap.  I go visit Jen for dinner at Town Hall, have a great dinner, and call it a night...

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