Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NYC - Day 3

Rise and shine!
The big day arrives.  I'm up at 5:45am (3:45 Colorado time if you're counting) to shower, get dressed, and find a large cup of coffee before I make my way to the Martha Stewart Show.  Outside of the hotel I notice a fleet of idling shiny black cars.  I ask the door man if one of them is for me.  He states, with a wry smile, that the line of cars is for the thirty Victoria's Secret models who also happen to be staying at the Hudson Hotel.  They are doing a lingerie shoot and should be making their way outside soon.

Do I cancel on Martha so I can meet & greet the models (and make plans to cook for them at a later date) or do I get in my stupid car and head to west 26th street....

After the fantasy runs it's course, I clear my head and get into the car.
The studio isn't just a studio.  It's a fortress.  First I have to make my way through security, a metal detector,  and a maze of hallways and stairways.  I get to the "green room" and notice the adjacent room has her NINE emmy awards lined up.  Not too shabby.

I get the rundown and check out the stage.  Martha not only has the stage kitchen where we assemble the food, but also has a massive prep kitchen that puts most restaurant setups to shame.  I envy the crew that gets to work in there.  What a fun job.  They also happen to be some of the nicest people I've met in the city.  They have already prepped out my food - in multiple stages.  All I have to do is talk Martha through the two dishes and pretend to cook it all.  The audience piles in and it's SHOWTIME!

I'm introduced and walk down the stairs (that lead to nothing by the way) onto the stage.  Apparently I'm the first chef to make that entrance...so I've got that going for me...  We chit-chat and make two dishes:  Cauliflower Puree and Root Vegetable Gratin.  The theme is Holiday Side Dishes and it's just before Thanksgiving.  We talk about a few different things and make the food.  It all comes out fine and I think it's successful.  I still haven't actually watched the video yet, but my friends all said it went great.
Tried to get a photo with her, but it just wasn't in the cards.
I head out and back into Manhattan.  Now it's time for some food...

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  1. Did you meet Nora? She's a good friend of mine who works in the prep kitchen!!