Friday, December 18, 2009

NYC - Day 3.5

First and foremost.... for those of you following my blogs, I apologize about the delay since my last entry.  I was quite sick for the beginning of the month and have been dealing with some personal and family things since...

SO, after filming the Martha Stewart Show, I was taken on what can certainly be called my coolest food adventure in the city.  My friends Alexia and Danielle took me on a tour of everything from street truck food to molecular gastronomy out of a closet.  I think we all gained about 25 pounds in one day, but it was well worth it....

The list (in order):

Motorino Pizza (here) - killer brussels sprouts pizza with pancetta and a very nice soppresatta picante

Momofuku Ssam Bar (here) - "those" steamed pork belly buns, hamachi, pork & apples, crispy thingies...

Momofuku Milk Bar - cereal milk, candy bar pie, eyes wide open

Tacos El Idolo - cheesy, melty, yummy street tacos

The Cupcake Stop (here) - an assortment of mini cupcakes... my fave was the carrot cake

Sun Sai Kai - old school chinatown pork buns, coconut buns

Bahn Mi Saigon Bakery - spicy pork bahn mi

Pickle Guys (here) - so cool!  awesome pickles... you name it, they pickle it

Prune Restaruant (here) - great cocktails and a ton of offal dishes (monkfish liver, beef heart, sweetbreads...)

Katz Delicatessen (here) - nyc iconic deli, huge, pictures of celebrities everywhere... and the best damn pastrami anywhere...

Doughnut Plant (here) - yum! yum! yum! cause everybody needs creme brulee, tres leches, and blackout chocolate doughnuts - sorry no photo :(

Laboratorio Del Gelato (here) - cause everybody should try gelato made with liquid nitrogen in front of your eyes.... just make a smart flavor choice... some are better than others!

Astor Center (here) - watched top chef with padma, tom, daniel boulud, kevin, etc....

Pat La Frieda Meats (here) - got a tour at 2am of the coolest (and highest regarded) wholesale butcher in the city.... even toured the dry aging room... cool...

What a day!  I am satiated, full, tipsy, and a little overwhelmed.  Once again feeling like that small town boy who got in over his head... or his stomach...

Tomorrow morning it's off to San Francisco.
Good bye New York and thank you!

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