Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jax Harvest Dinner

Let's talk about beer. Beer is the everyman's drink. From shotgunning at keggers to sipping with monks, beer can be found everywhere. It is simple, delicious, and can easily be made at home.

But there is a stunning difference between cheap Wisconsin swill and crafted small batch brews made with imported yeasts and heirloom hops. As wine may be the prefered libation served with fine food, beer can certainly hold it's own with pairings. And this is exactly what we proved with Peter and Adam of Avery Brewing Company.

The menu was eclectic with late summer harvest being the only real guide. We started with beautiful oysters on the half shell, turned to a deconstructed tomato salad, warmed up with Louisiana-influenced trout, followed up with bass and homemade bacon with peaches, killed it with mushroomy local lamb, and ended the powerhouse food train with some good ol' chocolate cake. All of the produce and proteins were from Colorado - most from Boulder County. It was fun, enjoyed by all, and will certainly be repeated again soon.

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