Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Orleans Day 1

I LOVE THIS CITY!  Where else do you get off a plane, hear live jazz music, eat oysters from the half shell, get a beer to go....and you haven't even left the airport yet?!?

The sounds of Louis Armstrong filled the air as I ventured out into the Crescent City.  I checked into my hotel and got ready for dinner.  Met up with dear friends Charlie (Louisiana Culinary Institute) and Joyce (director of New Orleans Wine and Food Experience) and we headed to Commander's Palace for dinner.  I haven't been there since Top Chef and I forgot just how large this restaurant is.  They have at least 7 different dining areas and a fleet of well-heeled staff.  Chef Tory McPhail and his kitchen crew sent us out course after course of amazing Creole inspired fine cuisine.  It was amazing.  My favorites were the foie gras and pumpkin appetizer and the duck confit amuse.  The food, cocktails and great wine almost put me to sleep.  However, I was treated to some great live music and a very lively scene at Mimi's bar - apparently I was the only non-local there.

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