Friday, November 20, 2009

New Orleans Day 3

Game Day!

I live in close proximity to Denver.  We have some rowdy fans.  We have some loyal fans.  I have never seen anything like what I experienced in and on my way to the Superdome to watch the Saints defend their undefeated record.  Hooked up with Preston for breakfast at Mother's - one of the oldest and most visited restaurants in Nola.  Speaking of loyal, they had a line down the street and a frighteningly busy interior.  "Get the debris!" was shouted to me by a passerby who could somehow tell (despite my newly purchased Saints T-shirt) that I was obviously not from here.  Needless to say, it was worth the wait.  Nothing but quick, messy food served on old chipped plates, Mother's has the heart and soul of the city that refused to die after being nearly drowned to death by Katrina.

We made our way towards the Superdome and picked up some friends along the way.  The streets were filled with marching bands, the smell of grilled food, lots of booze, and the screams and shouts of some very proud residents of this fine city.  I looked hard could not find a single soul not wearing some (if not way too much) gear representing the New Orleans Saints.  OK, there were a few Carolina fans among us, but this sentence has already wasted enough energy on them.

Long story short, the Saints win - reaching 8-0.  It was an especially tense game as they only took the lead late in the game.  "WHO DAT!?!?!?!?"

My friend Rachel asked us to meet her in the 4th quarter down near the field.  We had the thrill and pleasure of watching the end of the game from behind the goalpost.  That would have made it an unbelievable experience as it was.  But there was more....
"Do you want to meet the Saintsations?"  Um....

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