Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Orleans Day 2

I have the feeling every day is going to start off with some very strong chicory coffee to shake off the evening before....  Not such a bad thing.  Got up and wandered the French Quarter.

Found a hole in the wall cafe and sipped coffee and ate some andouille and eggs.  A band started playing outside so I sat on the sidewalk for about 20 minutes and listened to them jam.  My buddy Preston called and we met up at Napoleon House for lunch.  The place is very very old and he showed me a building across the street that used to house slaves.  New Orleans has such a rich history - some of which is very frightening.  He also pointed out about five different haunted houses and the OLDEST BAR IN AMERICA!  So of course we had to get a beer to go....

That evening Joyce brought me to the grand opening of the National World War II Museum.  It was a really amazing event with live music, live performances, movies, great food and even fireworks.  I felt really lucky to have been here, especially during the weekend preceding Veteran's Day.  I met some really really cool old soldiers who had nothing but great stories and anecdotes.

One of my heroes, John Besh, was also debuting his newest restaurant, American Sector.  We had a sampling of appetizers and (surprise!) a few cocktails to go with it.  Next stop was the newly renovated Roosevelt Hotel for some (surprise!) cocktails to finish the night.

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